Ramp scout with dragons

By: Snaxximan
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Posted: 1 week ago
Updated: 15 hours ago
Up to date (Skyrim patch)
Crafting Cost: 16650crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This is my take on rampscout.
I am still not sure if Drain vitality is better than Murkwater witch.
Murkwater Witch leaves a guard behind which often times heals you for 3-5hp.

Explanation why im playing 2off cards:
With the new card Soul Tear you can actually play 2 off cards and get away with it since you can revive them if need be.
Of course you still have to draw 1 copy of it.

Explanation why im not playing super greedy nonsense cards:
I have seen people play skeletal dragon, alduin or blood magic lords together with all the late game i am playing already.
Why do you need all this additional greedy, situational, non interactive cards for?
You already beat control decks with hist groves or parthuanx loop. Mirror matches are not decided by who ever has the most greed. You can beat people down that play all of those slow cards. Additionally you give up on any possible midrange/aggro matchup since its already hard to win against those decks.
The only greedy card i would include is third copy of baroness. Im not entirely sure if that is correct though.

Cards to consider:
Murkwater witch instead of Drain vitality.
Little girls instead of serpentine stalkers.
third copy of baroness for ...i dont know yet.
more copies of sanctuary pet.

Oh one last thing:
This is not a control deck. You are a midrange deck which starts beating your opponent down a little bit later.
That doesnt mean that you go mindlessly face in every matchup. You still need to recognise if you are the defending player or the offensive player.
Also learn things about "clocking your opponent"
Which basically just means: Think about how many turns you need to kill your opponent and how many turns he needs to kill you. Then play cards that either accelerate that clock for you or slow down the clock for your opponent.
Kinda complicated stuff and im not a rocket scientist.

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Great insightful guide to ramp scout! I always thought it was a control deck but what you say about midrange makes sense.

When you say in a mirror match that the most greed is not the factor, then what is? What's some tips for that matchup?
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The mirror match is usually decided by whoever gets faster and better ramp and gets board position first.
So if you go turn 3 ramp into turn 4 ramp into turn 6 ramp into baroness, it doesnt realy matter how much greed your opponent is playing. You have board control and he doesnt have tools to deal with a bunch of big creatures because you just beat him down.
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