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Posted: 1 year ago
Updated: 1 year ago
Outdated (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 23550crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
-Every game can feel different with orbs, college, and goldbrand
-With decent draws and an early altar can crush any deck
-Rewarding to play and master
-Fun combos

-Very hard to play correctly
-Can be inconsistent
-Loses to decks that continually mash creatures outside burn range
-Loses to aggro that kills supports

This is a great altar mage deck that I used in the Tuesday Tournament hosted by Brad and Schwiddy. It plays a reactive early and midgame setting up for altar combos. The early game is heavily spell based to increase consistency with what comes from altar. Almost every spell in the deck can be considered a flex spot. If you want to build it as a proactive deck instead of reactive that would be okay I guess but it's not the style I like the play. With the slots dedicated to late game I can't see winning the early board anyways. With only 12 prophecies you aren't supposed to take a ton of face damage either so you need to be clearing threats as they come.

Again, spells are flex spots. This decks aims to be reactive on the early turns until it gets altar going. If your spells aren't going one for one with the meta curve then they need to be changed. For example if there are a lot of midrange sorcs in the meta which curve wards (windkeep, daggerfall) into 4/4s (mammoth, sage) you shouldn't run crushing blows which will never trade 1-for-1. This deck will always need adjusting based on the meta. I will go over some of the spells that can be flexed in and out
Execute: Sub out for a lot of red, sub in for a lot of curve blue decks
Mage's Trick: Sub in for aggro red or control, out for midrange as it won't trade and is slow
Ice Storm Add more for aggro and tokens, out for scout
Dawn's Wrath Okay for lots of scouts or other purple control, out for faster meta
Devour Surprising good removal. Good replacement for crushing blow for sorc or merric
Crushing Blow: Out for ward heavy decks, strong against red and green

Altar summons:
Marked Man on 1: Amazing. I originally ran with ashlander but the makeshift is
critical for altar.

Always Harpy on 2: I would strongly recommend not playing more 2 drops. It
lets you be greedy for the turn you play altar even if behind on board. You will
shackle into guards.

a 2/4 on 3: If you rreeaally want dfm to be proactive you can. But a lot of the
time if you have an altar you'd want to find to alchemist because you probably have a
heal pot on board. The camlorn is just great against aggro. The reason I don't play
dfm is just because I don't want 9 3 drops.

Always a Hive Defender on 4: defensive, sticky, and can survive until you sack
for altar. If the meta gets suuuper slow I would consider schemers.

Keeper or Ayreen on 5: I wish I didn't have to run ayreen to
hit keeper every single time from altar... but she is just too good. I would never
consider running another 5 drop. Altaring into keeper is crucial as it sets up for next
turn double altaring for your 8/8s.

Tutor on 6: Only 6 drop I want to ever run. I play 2 just because you always
want 1 in deck for altar, and if playing the second one from hand it only adds value. If
you only run 1 and they kill it you'll find a lot of your late game value is gone. This
deck relies on getting value from it to create a swing turn.

Turn 7+: Generally you altar your 5. Next turn altar to your 7 (8/8 atros). Kill
turn you altar arcano into atromancer still with a turn's mana available.

Trap (Bad) Cards:
Ashlander: just play marked man
Wabbajack: It's only substitutes for removal if you're pushing. It's inconsistent and you generally don't need to be transforming your minions.
Any other 2, 5, 6, or 7 drop creature : Don't kill your altar consistency.

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Thank you so much for sharing this man. I've been wanting to craft this list since you crushed me on ladder over and over again with it. I think it took me an extra week to reach Legend just because I kept facing you ;D

I was so excited to play it that I actually made a reddit post looking for the deck! Surprisingly nobody else besides you was even running it or had any clue about its existence. This is definitely your own baby and you should be proud of it.

I'm super excited to try it now!
MisterMiao 1 year ago
Hey, this is a really neat deck, had fun with it. I don't have Orb of Vaermina or a 2nd Supreme Atromancer though, so I just used an additional Marked Man + a Bringer of Nightmares (I know this potentially messes with my chances of getting Lava Atromancer but it worked for me). Might switch it to an additional Mantikora.
Taize 1 year ago
Very nice deck! I just went 9-2 in gauntlet this weekend :)

Minor changes:
- 2x Mage's Trick
- 2x Atro
+ 2x Devour
+ 1x Crushing Blow
+ 1x Immolating Blast
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