Slay Archer (9-1 Rumble)

By: Menace13
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Posted: 10 months ago
Outdated (1.66.1 patch)
Crafting Cost: 13250crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
After starting off with a loss to a Rage Warrior who started off with The Night Mother and finished me with a 60 damage Unstoppable Rage, I was not feeling so good about my chances in this Rumble. However, I managed to turn it around and win 9 games straight, finishing 9-1 with this odd little deck. To start off, I'll do a run-through of the reasoning behind each card, then talk about some of the stronger combos the deck has. This deck is a lot of fun, and a lot of crazy stuff can happen when playing it. One highlight of this Rumble was me winning a game with 1 card left in my deck against a Control Mage who had a Journey to Sovngarde and a lot of luck with Mundus Stone. I won just by accumulating Items with Battlefield Scrounger and then building large threats that he no longer had the removal to deal with, since he had used his removal on my Giants and Child of Hircines.

Card choices
  • Brotherhood Sanctuary - This is the key to gaining large amounts of tempo, card advantage, or direct damage. You can play it on turn 1 with no investment (since you have nothing better to do on turn 1 anyway) and it provides nearly guaranteed value later on.
  • Rapid Shot - Getting that 1 damage on a creature can help trigger Slay abilities or get favorable trades. It being such a cheap cantrip effectively means we have 47 cards in our deck, helping us get to our combo pieces more reliably.
  • Archer's Gambit - Removal when used with Fighters Guild Recruit, Astrid, or Allena Benoch. Triggers Slay with the 1 damage, or moves our Slay creatures into the right lane to get a kill, or even both.
  • Fighters Guild Recruit - Three of our twelve Prophecy cards. Three of our five Lethal creatures. It's very important to save these for combos, not play them for tempo.
  • Protector of the Innocent - Three of our twelve Prophecy cards. Our only early game Guard to help against the more aggressive decks (like Prophecy Battlemage). Overall not the strongest card, but without it the deck lacks early game creatures that we don't mind playing for tempo.
  • The Night Mother - This card's text might as well say "If you can survive for 10 turns and your opponent doesn't have Support removal, you win the game." because that's pretty much how the game goes once it's on the board. Playing this on turn 1 or 2 against any aggressive deck pretty much guarantees the win as long as you can weather the storm. With the Drain from Giant Bat and Moonlight Werebat, along with the Charge from Giant Bat and Battlefield Scrounger and the removal from our cheap 1 damage cards, it's not hard to survive long enough for The Night Mother to shut down a game. It also gives free triggers for Slay creatures, extra health when you use Unstoppable Rage on a Drain creature, and can allow your Drain creatures to give you health without breaking your opponent's runes and giving them more cards.
  • Thieves Guild Recruit - One of the best 2-drops in the game. Playing this on turn 2 is already good; if it hits a 7+ drop, you probably win the game right there off the sheer tempo. I would never mulligan this even if I had two in my opener.
  • Astrid - One of our ten Slay creatures. One of our five Lethal creatures, and probably the most valuable one. With Astrid and Brotherhood Sanctuary, I managed to push out a Vigilant Giant on turn 4 once. The Completed Contracts help make up for the lack of tempo the deck otherwise has.
  • Brotherhood Slayer - Three of our twelve Prophecy cards. Three of our ten Slay creatures. A very good card for making up for lost tempo with the deck's weaker early game. Opponents usually want to remove this as soon as possible, even if they are an aggressive deck, because the tempo you can gain from Completed Contracts is scarier than the thought of wasting 3 damage.
  • Giant Bat - Three of our seven Charge creatures. Three of our six Drain creatures. Giant Bat was an obvious pick for this deck to go with the Items from Battlefield Scrounger and just as early game removal and life gain. I often kept these in the mulligan against Battlemage just to be safe.
  • Quicksilver Crossbow - Removal when used with Fighters Guild Recruit, Astrid, or Allena Benoch. Triggers Slay with the 1 damage. Buffs stuff for better trades or more health with Drain.
  • Earthbone Spinner - I only ran one of these, but if I owned more I would run at least 2. It's a strong card in a lot of situations, but 3 might be pushing it in a deck like this.
  • Fell the Mighty - A situational removal, but a very strong card when it works out favorably. This is great defensively to clear aggressive creatures in the Shadow Lane, and great offensively to clear large threats like Pure-Blood Elder or Mantikora. I even used it on cards like Ancano, Belligerent Giant, and Mighty Ally. Regardless, since it is sometimes a dead card, I chose not to run three because I knew it would be impossible to avoid ever drawing multiples of it. It's great to have one Fell the Mighty in hand, but having two or more is painful if your opponent isn't playing into them.
  • Moonlight Werebat - Three of our twelve Prophecy cards. Three of our six Drain creatures. While it is easy to remove, most of the decks you need it against aren't going to have that luxury, especially if you combine it with an Unstoppable Rage to get a large amount of health the turn you play it.
  • Battlefield Scrounger - Three of our seven Charge creatures. Three of our ten Slay creatures. It turns out that getting a 5-for-1 trade is pretty good, even if 3 of those cards you gain are random Items. Throw those random Items on a Giant Bat for lots of health, or put them on a Child of Hircine for even larger amounts of burst damage.
  • Allena Benoch - One of our five Lethal creatures. Instant removal for anything without a Ward, and a nearly guaranteed 2-for-1. I feel like this card is criminally underrated.
  • Child of Hircine - Three of our ten Slay creatures. The main finisher in the deck. At one point I managed to get it up to 10 attacks in one turn with Brotherhood Sanctuary triggers and Unstoppable Rage, but unfortunately my opponent died after just 8 attacks. It has good stats for its cost, and can be a part of extremely strong combos if it can live a turn, even with no creatures in the enemy lane. Single-handedly won multiple games against control decks.
  • Belligerent Giant - Bounces threats in the Shadow Lane or removes troublesome Supports. I only have one, but I'm not sure I would run more even if I had them. It's a great card to have, but you rarely need more than one.
  • Unstoppable Rage - One of the most universally strong cards in the game. Can clear a lane, give you a ton of health gain, draw you a full hand of random Items, or let your Child of Hircine attack 10 times in one turn. This card is extremely valuable, so use it wisely. Timing a Rage correctly can turn the tides or end a game right on the spot.
  • Eclipse Baroness - Our primary draw engine. Not only is drawing two cards a strong effect, decreasing the cost of those cards can let us pull off even stronger combos or push more creatures out for a tempo swing. Add a big body into the equation and you've got a great addition to the deck.
  • Vigilant Giant - What if Eclipse Baroness was even bigger, at the expense of drawing one less card? I only own one Vigilant Giant, but I would definitely consider replacing the Eclipse Baronesses with more of these if I had them. Getting a fat Guard out early is easier in this deck than most, and this specific Guard replaces itself immediately when you play it. Additionally, you can get a strong finisher with Unstoppable Rage since Vigilant Giant also has Breakthrough.
  • Tazkad the Packmaster - One of our seven Charge creatures. A typical finisher in any green deck, and just in general a very useful card to get back board control or remove a Mantikora.

Cards to Consider

These are cards I did not run, but which are definitely worth considering for future changes to the deck. These are in order of how strong I think they would be in the deck.
  • Pahmar-raht Renegade - Another option for gaining massive card advantage when used with Brotherhood Sanctuary and/or Unstoppable Rage. Ultimately failed to make the cut because it doesn't have Charge and I already have too many other cards that are weak when not used in combos. If I added these, I would probably drop the Eclipse Baronesses I'm currently running.
  • Sanctuary Pet - More Lethal never hurts when you're already running the full package of 3 Archer's Gambit and 3 Quicksilver Crossbow. The Shackle is just another benefit. To be honest, I'm not sure why I decided to cut this, since it was in the original list of like 60 cards before I cut it down to 50. There were times I found myself wishing I had a Lethal creature, and having 8 Lethal creatures instead of 5 is a big difference.
  • Wildfire Dragon - Does "Slay: +4/+4." Sound good to you? It sounds good to me. I don't have any of these though, or I would definitely test it. Seems like an amazing addition and another strong late-game threat.
  • Deepwood Trapper - An amazing anti-aggro card. Guard, Shackle, and a well-statted 1-drop all in one? Sign me up. Sadly, it's weak against control and even mid-range decks, and I was already tight on space in the list. Not sure how I would fit it in if I even tried to.
  • Leaflurker - It sounds like a great card to run, since you have at least 9 ways to do 1 damage from hand and plenty of small creatures which may fail to kill something, but with the Lethal package, Fell the Mighty, and other various soft removal cards, I never really felt bad about the fact that I never had a Leaflurker in hand. Definitely worth considering, though.
  • Garnag, Dark Adherent - One of the most powerful effects in the game, and with vanilla stats in spite of it. It was in the original build as a counter to Ramp Scout, but I removed it because it shut out almost all of my good combos. Still worth considering if you are having trouble with Ramp Scout.

Important Combos

Well, I hope someone takes the time to at least read some of this. Even if people don't try my decks, I like talking about them, and theorycrafting ways to improve them for the future. Fun deck ideas like this are the reason I play this game, and it's always nice when a fun deck still manages to do well.

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I like the idea behind this deck. I wouldn't add another Vigilant Giant though, since it would lower your drawing power by relinquishing a baroness. (Yes I read it all ;) )
I would however remove a Fell the Mighty in favor of something else, since I find it too situational to have 2 of them in your hand (on a bad draw). I instead prefer a second Earthbone, even though it's a softer form of removal, it's great against low attack threats (Raider/Reive from aggro decks, Indoril on control mages, Lucien /Cicero in the occasional scout, etc)
JuiceY 10 months ago
Damn this deck is fun, thanks for the posting!
sirdystic 10 months ago
Thank you for taking the time to write this up. I intend to craft the deck today and have some fun
sirdystic 10 months ago
Played this last night and its great fun. The only query I have is with the night mother. I played 30 games, won about 25 at low ladder level. Never managed to trigger her. Should she be replaced with a more useful/impactful drop?
1 Reply
Menace13 10 months ago
The Night Mother is mostly used as a 1-card win condition against control decks. If they don't remove it, it is a free win. Additionally, the Targets help you get Drain effects vs. aggro without breaking runes, and they also help get Slay effects off things like Quicksilver Crossbow or Archer's Gambit or just by attacking them. That being said, she's definitely not necessary. Depending on what decks you're facing frequently there are definitely other cards which could fill the slot. She's especially weak if you're facing a lot of purple because of things like Shadowfen Priest or Edict of Azura in Spellsword.
Slugatron 10 months ago
This deck is great fun to play. The infinite hircine combo is so satisfying
Well it looks great it plays great , one of the best competitive combo decks out there
update : got me to legend from rank 1
Bdrg Swz 10 months ago
rng stone at its best lost all 20 games with this crap fuck u
1 Reply
Maybe add why it failed, or give constructive feedback. Empty insults really don't help.
I was stuck on rank 5 it got me to 3 now im a little stuck there its about 50-50 right now. but great deck very fun to play when the cards hit thanks alot
Shandaray 10 months ago
I likethis deck it is fun to play. I will see how I do with the ranking but it already helped me to finish the last stage of Brotherhood advance campaign thanks to Child of Hircine multi attacks
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