November 2017 legendary Orcs

By: White Bear 84
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Posted: 10 months ago
Updated: 9 months ago
Outdated (1.69 patch)
Crafting Cost: 14450crystal
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Personal Orc deck - taken from rank 9 to legend this season (Nov 2107). Continuing to use to reach top 100.

Mulligan - typically go for dragontail/windkeep. Also good to keep stoneshard if early removal required vs aggro. If you have ring keeping bangkorai + two cheap orcs is typically a must. Effectively having at least 8 damage on board by turn 4 is a storng position to be in. Banner is good vs aggro and control to evade removal and stabilize the board. Think buffing your orcs with plate/banner to maximise 2-1 trades until you start getting more guards on board. Often the case if this works well, they will try to go face as much as possible and run out of steam..

Adapt accordingly. As discussed, aggro typically stabilize board then go for 1/2 turn lethal. Ramp, chip away as much as possible. Good to save stoneshard for bats and histmage. Garnag is a HUGE advantage vs ramp. Prophecy decks similar to aggro so you do not turn tempo by accidentally breaking runes too early. Control monk can be a challenge with its removal + drain abilities, these matchups are tough followed by prophecy battlemage.

Dont always sower to block face damage, sometimes will do more damage if opponent has to respond by playing more creatures. Also the temptation to go face can swing tempo in your favor for morkul/graystone. Also keep eye on removal, kingpin can be great attracting javs etc b4 you play sowers, garnag. Likewise can work other way, Reive is typically a removal magnet as is Gortwog (pretty much a high risk play vs willpower decks right off the bat..)

Aim to play woodorcs late if possible. If board getting cleared well can be handy to keep a 2 cost orc in hand for a turn 7+ charge. Also even more devastating if you can land two consecutive woodorcs on say turn 10 with either Toby or captain on board for 12 damage.

Speaking of Toby - can be a useful strat to play certain orcs depending on when you get Toby. For example, you could deliberately play woodorc early to get Toby to add it back into your hand, or proc Toby for a timely stoneshard/morkul buff to damage. Statwise can be removed fairly easily, not so much so with banner on board. But provides really useful card draw for your orcs.

Edit: Peaked at #145 legend with this deck. Roughly 75% WR. Entered legend from #1062. Played from rank 9.


Swapped out windkeep for barrow. Still typically have a 2 4 1 trade, will be susceptible to crushing blow, but will provide good use early game especially vs aggro.

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shit is fire, fam <3
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Glad you are enjoying the deck, I just love it so much. Haven't had this much fun with a specific deck in a while..
Wabbitman 10 months ago
Nice deck. Personally having a bit of a rough time since I currently can"t afford just about all of the epic/legies (about 16 cards lol) . Have to say though, that earthbone spinner has been a good alternative to Yal-Archer and offered me more flexibility.
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Agreed, makes a good substitution! Not too shabby being down a few orcs to to get in a silence creature and still get he ping damage..
VItalz 10 months ago
Reive instead Garnag in orc deck? Why???
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Garnag actually should be in there as he has been a part of the deck since he came out, have corrected this but thanks for picking up.
I would put Garnag and at least 2 steelheart vanquisher into the deck and I use mummify for defense but this deck is very strong I love orcs too!!
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Garnag actually should be in there as he has been a part of the deck since he came out, will correct this but thanks for picking up.
played 20 games, won 17... not bad, not bad at all ;-)
Great deck, it works really well
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Great, glad you enjoy it :)
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