Last dance of the thief mage

By: Wilhelmyang
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Posted: 11 months ago
Updated: 9 months ago
Outdated (ForgottenHero patch)
Crafting Cost: 15100crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
After testing I have redesigned my deck and am so ready to upgrade this into Thief Tribunal!
Remember that Uprising is an insanely useful card and will come into great use should you have your board filled! It also worked well with Lawkeeper and KotH which will bring back considerable amount of health which will help you stand strong against aggro decks.

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What are you using as your 50th card? Only 49 here.
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In my Edit screen I can see it is 50, but IDK why they only show 2 CiT here. You need 3 CiT to play this deck
What is TC?
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Tullius' Conscription
Sinnistar 11 months ago
Minor note: Description says TGS and RP can steal cards but RP only makes a copy.
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thanks for the tip
WilhelmHentaiyang 喵喵喵
.Napman. 10 months ago
Thank you for this deck! Tried it yesterday and climbed from #700 to #300 Legend with about 70 percent WR. It plays smoothly.
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You are mostly welcome. Glad to hear that.
PORCODIO 9 months ago
This deck is simply FUCKING GARBAGE
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I understand how bad it feels to play against this deck, to have your board creatures stolen and you cannot find your Sovngarde anywhere. Please suck it up and get used to it.
PORCODIO 9 months ago
Wilhelmyang wrote:
I understand how bad it feels to play against this deck, to have your board creatures stolen and you cannot find your Sovngarde anywhere. Please suck it up and get used to it.
That is not the case, I was talking when you are using it.. there are no defense against aggro especially when you start second. Tried it for a long period and I got 2 victories out of 10 games
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I am really sorry to hear about that but I do need to point out that aggroes are really strong to defend these days and if you watch the streamers you will find out that aggroes are becoming the new cancer now. In this case I would suggest you mulligan for healing cards should you see your opponents' professions are aggro, Moreover you may wish to try this deck at higher rank since the tempo there is much slower. See the dude commenting above for example.
mrwormhole 9 months ago
I am a huge fan of this deck and do you really want to beat blackfall's tribunal control or daggoth control? -1 mecinar +1 therena 0 cost arrests <3 unleash the furry of steal mage.So far i have hit rank 1 with this one today.But still hard to win against aggros if you don't have ice storm in the beginning hand.And deck often gets wrecked by garnag or cultist.I am thinking to add lydia,phalanx or hive defender currently instead of KoTH.But current meta is heavily on control and with the steal mage you will be beating them quite easily.Still thinking to build 75 cards steal mage version.Since i run therena i might also do -1 mana wraith +1 lydia for better guard value besides i don't see soul tear plays currently
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Thank you so much for your kind comment! As a matter of fact it is a pain in the butt for me to upgrade it into the Dirty Tribunal version. I have tried some variants but always find it unstable against 50 aggro and draw-like-phaque Telvanni. Guess I need to have deeper understanding of HoM cards b4 I can proceed. I will let you know should I come up with my final version!
I just played against your tribunal deck and had no chance (ok, my dragon deck was more of a fun deck). Your deck seemed really strong. Do you plan to post it here on the Legends Decks Site?
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Actually I see my deck as a fun deck too as it is an auto concede to 2nd aggro. But I will post it! Have fun with it!
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