Mid May Hlaalu Aggro

By: Goblin_Kingpin
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Posted: 6 days ago
Updated: 4 days ago
Up to date (MantikoraNerf patch)
Crafting Cost: 18750crystal
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I peaked at #4 on May 15 with this deck but couldn't maintain a high enough w/r to keep the push, eventually ending the day at #9.

There is a lot going on with this deck and it is simultaneously one of the most difficult to build and most difficult to play well. There's a lot of bad versions running around on ladder with a lot of issues present so I will try to address them below. With that said, I'm not claiming to have the optimized version of the deck. I doubt one exists yet as this archetype will require a lot of refining going forward.

So let's talk about curve and card choices.

You see a lot of these Hlaalu decks running around with Conscription but in my time playing against them (when I'm either playing Hlaalu myself, Aggro Archer, or Goblins) I have never seen anyone play Conscription against me. Not once. But I have had friends whisper me during my Hlaalu vs Hlaalu testing matches that they had it dead in their hand. The fact is the game is over by then so that means Conscription is going to be a dead card every time against other aggro and midrange decks. My question is, why are you playing Hlaalu if you want to run Conscription? There is nothing to reasonably fill the curve up until 11 while still optimizing use of the class's best card, Haunted Manor, and runner up, Balmora Puppeteer.

Secondly, Hlaalu is literally the House with the most card draw in the game. Let's take a look at card draw options:

- Ash Berserker
- Ulfric's Housecarl
- Eastmarch Crusader
- Crusader's Assault
- Thieves Guild Recruit
- Goblin Skulk
- Hlaalu Oathman

That's essentially almost 30% of your deck in raw card draw value. I'm not saying its correct to run all of these even though I do from time to time (looking at you, Thieves Guild Recruit), but they are options nevertheless.

Now, let's move on to the importance of including good cards in your deck. A lot Hlaalu decks are running cards that are otherwise not strong on their own for the pure sake of synergy with Haunted Manor. The prime offender here is Marked Man. Unless you are running a heavy yellow, token-based Hlaalu (which is perfectly fine but it will be built differently), then I can't see running Marked Man in this deck. A lot of Hlaalu decks are choosing to skip the likes of Hive Defender and Cloudrest as well, essentially saying they are too good for these cards because they are more aggro based. It is nonsense. Hlaalu should start most games by fighting for field as long as it can and Cloudrest + Hive Defender are the best cards in the game to do so.

Ungolim is another one of those awful choices that somehow makes its way into 75 card aggro Hlaalu. Since when was running Ungolim ever viable in aggro? It wasn't, and Haunted Manor does not change that. If you are thinking about running it because you have Conscription in your deck, you should not be playing aggro Hlaalu.

Let's talk specific card choices in this deck.

Starting at the bottom, we have Morag Tong Aspirants. I like them in these decks but they are not 100% necessary. A lot of opponents can and will play around them. But they help keep your curve low and can force awkward plays by your opponent, such as them avoiding field lane because you will create free value off of them. Later in the game they are great to smooth out your curve by hitting that 1 extra magicka.

Next card I want to touch on is Bruma Profiteer. I initially didn't run these in my lists until I started losing to Hlaalu decks who did. The few extra health you gain, no matter how small, is significant in the mirror. It creates a threat for your opponent to remove which will force them away from doing whatever else they want to do at the moment, namely smacking your face.

Mournhold Traitor is another card which I've experimented with and without. Its raw stats are exceptional and you usually have plenty of ways to clean up the 2/1 left behind. It just puts your opponent in an awkward position because it demands an answer immediately and it also automatically wins most field lanes for you.

I'm a big fan of Dushnikh. The card is so versatile. I mainly tech'd it in for the mirror, as immediately following up your opponent's Haunted Manor or Divine Fervor with a Dushnikh can be game winning on the spot as they lose so much tempo. It is essentially similar to Candlehearth Brawler except it can ping safely from a distance without taking damage, great for breaking wards and making favorable trades as well.

Random thoughts: I know I'm missing Cliff Racers and other charge creatures. Deck has plenty of reach and damage i'm not too concerned. I originally had 3x Haafingar Maurader in this deck but I deemed them too slow. They can be m against control but are tough to pull off against other aggro and midrange, albeit it is doable. I tried Ambitious Hireling, and while it is a great card, I think its strength is more pronounced in 50 card decks. Getting stuck with one of these in your opening hand is usually a dead card, and they are best used later in the game when you can get obscene value via buffs. But again, the downside of having it stuck in your hand turn 1/2 without having an Orc Clan Captain or Fifth Legion Trainer can be pretty hard.

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