The Control Sorcerer (80 WR with description)

By: Aristeion
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Posted: 6 months ago
Updated: 6 months ago
Outdated (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 19500crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

This build is made to be as universal as possible - able to stabilize the board in early game and contest agressive opponents, it have also tools to fight for the board and race with midrange builds and finaly it can handle other control-type decks.

Card choices:
Hallowed Deathpriest - underrated card helpful against control-type decks of your oponent, usefull in midrange combat
Cunning Ally - high chances to get firebolt because of 65% of blue cards in deck
Reverberating Strike - very good tool against tokens, generally good removal in early stage of the game
Dark Seducer - I chosed it over Night Shadow and after few games it`s briliant, helps to return from bad position, guard is massive here with her effect. Night Shadow have also breakthrough and we don`t want it when fighting with aggressive opponent.
College of Winterhold - sometimes little bit of RNG is a good thing ;)
Tavyar/Rayvat - is just super cool and usefull card into every slover sorcerer

I recomend to play agressive against Telvanni, Tribunal and Control warior.

-2 hallowed deathpriest
-1 paarthurnax
+2 mummify
+1 Odhaving
+1 High King Emeric

Deck have big potential, was very succesfull agains tokens, item decks, mid dagoth and redoran, controll tribunal and mage and from rank 5 to 4 has 100% WR after 8 duels .

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Aristeion 6 months ago
I am open for any suggestion - for exmaple add 2x mummify ( maybe for 1x Piercing Twighlight and 1x Hallowed Deathpriest) or no?
Thank you guys!
i dont have "College of Winterhold" and i put Vaermina Orb instead of....^^
Bruno Brocken 6 months ago
I like the deck. Can I suggest some changes:
-1 College of Winterhold
+1 The Gatekeeper - great against aggro and midrange.
-1 Hallowed Death Priest
+1 High King Emeric - works as removal too, hard to remove
-1 Phartanux
-1 Blood Magic Lord
+1 Tel Vos Magister - Give yourself another turn and hard to remove.

Cutting down to 50 and not so top heavy.
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Aristeion 6 months ago
I will try it, but first I will take a shoot with changes you can see above :)
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