Mana Curve

0 9 12 11 11 3 4 0

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Guard 7
Last Gasp 6
Slay 4
Drain 3
Breakthrough 3
Plot 3
Lethal 1
Regenerate 0
Betray 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Ward 0
Rally 0
Prophecy 0
Assemble 0
Pilfer 0
Charge 0
Exalt 0


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(Deck Reorganized)

By: 홍찬영
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Posted: 3 months ago
Updated: 2 months ago
Outdated (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 12650crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
The deck seemed to have weaker power than before, and was reconfigured. I removed the elements that I personally customized and put more popular cards. I was not familiar with English because I am Korean, so I could not explain well. Please understand.

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1 Reply
홍찬영 3 months ago
sure what?
luckgod 2 months ago
You did a great job. And don't worry about your English. It is very difficult speaking two languages and Korean and English are so different. Thank you for sharing!
1 Reply
홍찬영 2 months ago
Thank you for your kindness :)
JY Kim 2 months ago
1,2코 하수인 안 잡히면 답도 없던데 운영법이 어찌 되나요?
그리고 xavara atronach 활용법이 어찌 되는지 궁금합니다
3 Replies
홍찬영 2 months ago
운영법이랄것도 없는게... 핸드가 644에 드로우 4,4,4 ~ 이런식만 아니면 코스트 밸류가 낮고 어그로 성향이라 유동적으로 풀어가면서 달리면 됩니다...사실 644에 4,4,4~로 드로우되도 할만 해요... 아스트로 나치는 3코33 평범한 스탯이라 그냥 던져도 되고요 투석기, 한쪽라인 먹혀서 먼저 달리냐 싸움일떄, 필드싸움을 해야하는데 안정적인 하수인이 필드에 없으면 토큰 먹어서 정리걸어도 되고, 유령이 필드에 나와있을때 단독으로 나가도, 유령과 다른 하수인이 필드에 있어도 유령먹는데 쓰면 되요 튤리우스랑도 쓸수 있고,,,
홍찬영 2 months ago
설명글에 적힌대로 마음 내키지 않으시면 맘모스같은걸로 대체하시면 되요
JY Kim 2 months ago
답변 감사합니다~
Remarkable deck. Very good, and very fun.
Is technically mostly a token deck, but has far more style than most token decks do.
And thank you for finding a great use for Jiub. ;)
1 Reply
홍찬영 2 months ago
Thank you for your comment.:)
Sardor77y 2 months ago
Terrible deck, winrate 5%.
2 Replies
홍찬영 2 months ago
Hmmm ... In my case, I had a high odds in the legend area ...
Is this your first aggreast deck?
홍찬영 2 months ago
recently, I tested several types of decks. I thought that the meta might have changed, so I played this deck. As a result, I won 13 of the 18th edition. It is not difficult to use because it is an agrodeck, but if you need explanation about some part, I will explain as much as possible.
Flo Dio 2 months ago
I lose all the time with this deck.
1 Reply
홍찬영 2 months ago
hmmm...It seems to be true that this deck has lost power compared to early February. I will reconstruct the deck again.
koromire 2 months ago
What do you think about the new ongoing in your deck ? :)
1 Reply
홍찬영 2 months ago
Oh, are you talking about training grounds? I forgot the card. I think it is a very good idea.
I love this deck, which 3 cards you recommend to keep at the start of the game?
1 Reply
You can take a suppression card, a token card, and a draw card one by one with low cost.
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