Strike Monk (top 10 legend)

By: ElTurbo
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Posted: 6 days ago
Up to date (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 11100crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This one takes a little skill and a lot of practice to pilot, but it's a very good deck.

Look for Mournhold Traitors on turn 2 to get some early damage in. Don't be afraid to put down the Cornerclub Gamble and just discard anything that you can't play the next turn or that doesn't synergize with the rest of your hand.

Dune Smuggler buffs your creatures when you move them around, so with Monk's Strike and Swift Strike you can do a surprise 14 damage one-turn kill when your opponent is guarding the other lane.

Leaflurkers make good use of the curses produced by Murkwater Scourge, so does Shearpoint Dragon, so there's plenty of removal tools. Try to hold on to cliff racers and Tazkad if you can get lethal damage in a turn later.

(Grand Ball is a very bad card, it's just in there for fun :) can be replaced with second Mad Dash or an extra creature)

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posted a tri-color spin off of this....titled as such in cyrodiil would love to hear your thoughts/advice
ElTurbo 2 days ago
hi Chad,

Good to see you're having fun with this deck!

When building a deck, I always consider what cards I want to draw and when I want to draw them. An ideal curve for this deck would be Mournhold Traitor on turn 2, Gambler on 3 etc. While tri-color decks are often more powerful because they allow for stronger combinations, this particular deck needs to draw its combo cards (i.e. monk's strike into swift strike) or a Cliff Racer/Tazkad charge to finish the game by turn 12 at the latest - or else a control deck wil heal and stabilize. tri-color decks force you to include 75 cards, which makes it harder to find the missing pieces, so I think a two-color version of a combo-deck would probably be more succesful. (Unless the 3rd color has additional combo pieces, but Purple has no moving-around-and-switching-lanes cards).

I like your addition of bewildering speed, it's one of the new cards that would do well in this deck.
While back-alley footpad is cheaper than gloomlurker, it can't attack and so it doesn't do much except giving a creature cover. 0-cost cards allow you to play more cards on the same turn, however the drawback is that you run out of cards earlier and you usually want to spend as much as your magicka as possible on every turn.

Spoils of war might work in this deck instead of thieves guild recruit, you could give it a shot, however cutting tgr is usually not a good idea in my experience. you're going to need something to play on turn 2, and your going to need cards. In this deck it's even extra useful because even with its 1-attack it can kill the guard that mournhold traitor creates, or ping a creature to finish it off with a leaflurker or shearpoint.
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