Drain Conscription Altar - Big Brain Plays Only

By: Censing
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Posted: 2 months ago
Updated: 2 months ago
Outdated (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 34900crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Control deck, but if you have the opportunity to kill your opponent quickly then be sure to capitalise on it.

Xivkyn Banelord is here because I met him on the street last night, he was homeless and desperate and I took pity on him. Send him to the discard pile with Scout's Report or Cornerclub Gambler and resurrect him with Odirniran Necromancer.

Jokes aside, Xivkyn is the weakest card in this list and you should probably swap him out for practically any other 7-Cost.

Cards You Want To Start With
-Morag Tong Aspirant
-Any 2-Cost Creature except Sly Marshblade, although I often send back Skinned Hound and Ravenous Hunger, there are better cards to draw than these.
-Cornerclub Gambler, Edict of Azura and Golden Initiate are often worth keeping too.

MLG Pro Strats
-Cornerclub Gambler in the early game should discard your highest cost card, if you have any (anything that costs 7 or more should be discarded). There's no point in hanging onto a great card like Dark Seducer if you don't live long enough to use it, or it's just dead weight. Same logic for Scout's Report, don't be afraid to put a 12-Cost in the trash if you're only on turn 5.
-Odirniran Necromancer is an absolute BEAST. Your big hits are Thorn Histmage, Territorial Viper, and Cicero the Betrayer, depending on which you have access to/are currently in need of. Divine Fervor and Fifth Legion Trainer enable him to Summon a Creature with more power. Even if you don't have anything amazing to Summon, sometimes a Wily Kee'va is more than enough to get the job done.
-Altar of Despair should be played when you have advantage, otherwise make sure you're in a good position before you Summon it. Always sacrifice a Morag Tong Aspirant first, because Altar will always Summon another Morag Tong as the 1-Cost card. After that, keep killing your cards when necessary. Don't sacrifice anything good like Ebonheart Oracle unless you believe it's going to be killed next turn anyway.
-Use Squish the Wimpy on Morag Tong Aspirant if she'll get the kill, because you always get another copy when she dies.
-Ebonheart Oracle is an absolute monster and highly underrated. Good synergy with lots of Creatures here, especially Golden Initiate and Dark Seducer.
-And finally, Tullius' Conscription. This is often the best method of winning against Control decks, Summon Thorn Histmage to increase your Magicka and get Tullius out earlier. Tullius will Summon a variety of cards, and each time you use it you'll get different stuff, throwing your opponent off. Combine with Divine Fervor and the Conscription becomes very hard to deal with, especially with Fifth Legion Trainer and lots of targets for your Altar.

Alright, I think that sums it up. Lots of solid and strong cards all around, note you need Empire Recruiter to allow you to make this Empire of Cyrodill deck. Best of luck- not that you'll need it, this deck has lost me very few games.

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