By: Ashmore 1 month ago
Syl, Duchess of Dementia

Drive Mad



pgbarty 1 month ago
Drive mad! I don't understand this card but that's the reason l'am so turned onšŸ˜‚
pgbarty 1 month ago
Will breakthrough damage the caster?
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Omnis 1 month ago
Or will it damage the owner of the creature ? :)
pgbarty 1 month ago
Had a few beers and this card had me check mate mentally
pgbarty 1 month ago
Why does it cost 4? It must do something great otherwise should be 0 cost.
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Too powerful and possibility to be 0 cost card because :
- you can select a creature (yours or opponent).
- if the creature battle itself and he has lethal or power > health with no ward = destruction just like Drakwind said.
- it might be use for ward effect or damage self effect cards.
- you can slay youself creature.
- You want to drive your opponent into madness ;)
Drakwind 1 month ago
It's a removal card. It's like a less reliable piercing javelin that can probably activate things like last grasp, drain, breakthrough and maybe even slay effects. So the reason it isn't 0 is because it's a pretty powerful card with a lot of versatility that can be used on your own creature and the opponents creatures.
pgbarty 1 month ago
Ah...the beers. I did not think about that! Only about how to make combo. Shouldn't drink. On Mondays.
pgbarty 1 month ago
Okay l get that Drak. Thanks for opening some doors. But you wouldn't even use as removal. You have better. There must be some constructed use of it.
In Magic, if a creature somehow fights itself (the same meaning with battle in Legends), it deals damage to itself twice. I wonder if it's the same with Drive Mad.
Drive mad should definitely see play. May even shift some decks to focus on bigger butts. So many finishers will die to it.

Dutchess seems less reliable as a constructed card. You potentially set your opponent up for the late game if they can drop their top end. Seems like a big risk overall. To slow for aggrieved and to risky in midrange.
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