Alliance War – card reveal: Debilitate

By: Aristeion
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Posted: 5 months ago
1. Debiliate
Hi Everyone!

From yesterday we were wondering what happened to unfortunates wandering the forest. Everyone probably expected a dangerous charm or a powerful spell. Weapons sharpened, elixirs packed, armor matched but, well, the hikers were caught by DEBILIATE. YES, debiliate is another card that will appear in the forthcoming expansion so the Alliance War, a card that I am very pleased to present. Here she is:
Debiliate is an epic green/agility card that costs 7 with effect: Give all creatures -2/-2. Empower: Costs 1 less.

The card has a beautiful art, which even without the knowledge of the card effect we can guess that it can be a mass removal card, coloring and motif can suggest green. In my opinion that after every expansion TES: Legends cards are getting more ambitious and much more detailed - it is very important for players that wants to complete full cards collections and love premium cards (I can not wait for the premium version of debiliate!) .

But let's go back to the most important one so the card effect...

Let's start by considering the card without the second part of the effect (empower), so just the action with a cost of 7 - the effect itself expands the game possibilities - at the time of writing this article there is no other green action affecting the whole board (we all remember how powerfull was the drain vitality lvl3 before nerf). This action will be played mainly in some control deck with the participation of agility (and probably willpower). The combination of these two colors gives us many opportunities to destroy wounded creatures and those with a low attack.

Thanks to the Debiliate, cards such as the rarely seen Sharepoint Dragon, Arrow Storm or Murkwater Shaman cannow be a perfect combination with Debiliateand and generally, Monk deck based on curses.

However we have to remember, that Debiliate has the second part of the effect: Empower. Let me remind what the effect of Empower is: whenever our opponent receives direct damage, the effect of empower will be activated. Debiliate has a empower effect that reduces its cost by one, which means if, for example, in this turn we attack the enemy with 2 monsters, thanks to empower Debiliate will cost 5 instead of 7 points. Of course, empower is also activated by the damage inflicted from actions or support such as, Lightning Bolt or Swindler`s Market.

Of course, the action for a cost 7 with -2/-2 to all is at first glance weaker than the Ice Storm dealing 3 damage to all creatures for 6, but we must remember that the Ice Storm will not kill Daggerfall Mage and other creatures with ward. It is still too early to tell how strong and easy to use empower will be. Personally, I think that Debiliate card is a card with potential and we will see it in many controll type decks.



- the first mass removal in agility
- we can remove creatures with ward
- empower may cause that it will be one of the cheaper removals (depending on the usefulness of the empower)
- even if we do not clean the board, we can avoid lethal by reducing the attack
- beautiful art


-if the empower will not be a good keyword, the cost is quite high
-the card can be too slow on the meta

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has read the article to the end and thank you very much to Bethesda, for the opportunity to reveal a new card! Please also remember that this is just my opinion :)

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Great reveal. Thank you for the write-up and the good analysis. If you get this empowered to a 4-drop, you can curve it into Leaflurker or empwoered to a 6-cost, it can curve nicely into Sai Sahan as well.
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Aristeion 5 months ago
thanks! yes, there are lots of synergies with the card, hope to see more curse-related cards in this expansion :D
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