Nahkriin, Dragon Priest

Nahkriin, Dragon Priest
Credits to SzotyMAG for the Images. <3
Name Nahkriin, Dragon Priest
Rarity Legendary - Unique Legendary
Type Creature
Attributes intelligence
Race Skeleton
Magicka Cost 9
Attack Attack
Health Health
Expansion set Core Set
Soul Summon 1200 Crystal
Soul Trap 400 Crystal
Text Summon: Draw a card and reduce its cost to 0.
BBCode [card]Nahkriin, Dragon Priest[/card]
Played in 478/12971 of Eligible decks (4 %)
Constructed Rating: 35 Votes 2.7/5

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Arena Rating: 26 Votes 2.2/5

Latest appearances in Decks: (Last 2 weeks)

intelligence willpower 60 cards summon mage
By: dermuedejoe 81
intelligence willpower Necrom Mage
By: Danezu
strength intelligence willpower Unite the Dragons
By: Dorkpork
intelligence willpower endurance Apocalyptic endgame
By: Dusk_Hymns
endurance intelligence Discard/Reanimate/Repeat Legend July19
By: Dmstr


Sinnistar 2 years ago
Please buff him. Like even just to 6/6 and maybe he will see play again.
So this guy is 5/5 9 mana creature that draws a random card from your deck and reduces the cost to zero. On the other hand we have Supreme Atromancer 3/3 for 9 that adds 13 damage to the board and deals 4 damage instantly. And it's not unique. Bullshit.
Alex 2 years ago
What if you draw the Lesser Ward as your next card, lol? This is not a good behavior for a unique legendary card.

P.S. Blue creatures are actually known for this: Summon a X/X creature, which costs 2X magicka and does some random stuff upon summoning. After that you are left with weak creature that dies the next turn. I'm looking at you, Shocking Wamasu, or Fate Weaver, or Ash Servant, or whoever else follows the same pattern.
What about changing this one to something like: "Summon: Reveal three random cards from your deck. Choose one to reduce its cost to 0. Draw a card."

This way it could be useful at least in control/combos. However, should keep its cost at 9 or rise it, so you can only play it late in the game. If necessary increase the stats (maybe 6/6 or 7/7).
1 Reply
That's how you make a broken card.
I only played against Nahkriin once, and my opponent, playing him, drew a... Shrieking Harpy with him :-D
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