OTK Combo Monk

By: dav0r
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Posted: 10 months ago
Updated: 10 months ago
Outdated (Mudcrab patch)
Crafting Cost: 18750crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This deck is great!!! Vote it up PLEASE.

You can truely OTK with Ring of Namira the folowing ways:

Ring of Namira + Dawnstar Healer + Ebonheart Oracle
Break a rune while having those cards in play. You gain 3 health from dawnstar healer, you deal 6 damage and dawnstar gets activated again until your opponent has 0 life, or until it's cycle gets destroyed by a good prophecy. (MOST FUN WAY TO WIN)

Ring of Namira + Dawnstar Healer + Dawnstar Healer
Same as above, but instead you use 2 Healers. An extra Ebonheart Oracle does give 12 damage upon which your oponent gets 2 prophecies in 1 sweep, so the damage is yet dealt and it doesnt matter if one of the creatures gets killed.

Other great combo's
Greenheart spriggan + every drain creature. Whilst playing with this deck you'll see that Greenheart is a great card. You can put it in, whilst forming a low thread, and then you can boost it a LOT and quickly with the healing potion, with snake tooth necklace and R.o.Nam. ,... Combine it with the dragon for ULTIMATE OWNAGE

Most of the plays these were my win conditions...

There is only 1 support in the deck so you can catch it with treasurehunt.
You can put cards in like Morthal Executioner to draw out you opponents silence or destroy cards.
When playing camel, always go for Ring of Namira. And on start, keep it when it's in your hand. You'll get the other cards fairly often. And it's the most valuable card in this deck since you have so much live gain. You can set up the OTK, but don't rush it. Sometimes it's better to read your opponent and to fetch his destroy or silence cards then to play it quickly.

Vivec is a last resort but has proven effective.
Serpentine Stalker is a decoy but can be used as a sweeper.
Ahnassi depends on your opponent.
Sail-trough-storms: i start to dislike this card. The only way i get it's effect is in an archer deck... Haven't seen it a lot either, if I do play it, it doens't survive or gets stolen.
Try to keep your life gain in check until you have RING or the Oracle

Have fun and vote up please.

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