The Devil wears prada....and uses actions

By: Tweny8
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Posted: 2 weeks ago
Updated: 1 week ago
Up to date (Oblivion patch)
Crafting Cost: 13750crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
1.) you want to take is to get Therana in your hands ASAP (can use Laaneth for that).
2.) you want to pop an Altmer Dragonknight along with Arteum Savant onto the board.
3.) you want to play a bunch of actions hoping to buff the Dragonknigh and get some free 0-cost cards

4.) you want to win the game (by control or by force)

Done, enjoy ! Aand also leave some feedback in the case you've actually used this deck. My win-rate is roughly 60%, not great, not terrible.

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