Houses of Morrowind Spoiler List


Houses of Morrowind Spoiler List

By: Ashmore 1 year ago
Cards Revealed: 43/149
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March 30

March 29

March 28

March 27

March 23

March 22

March 21

March 20

March 19

March 17

March 16



Three attributes minimum of 75 cards? Man, Dagoth is a helluva drug.
I'm pumped for Archcanon Saryoni!
There was a tri-colored card revealed on the bethesda stream, and there will be another card revealed at 10:30pm EST tonight (2 and a half hours from now) on charm3r's stream.
Rellik 1 year ago
So i see the 'God' type of creatures,so Reflective Automaton will be a God too,lol
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Xelief wrote:
He's also an Exalted creature for Vivec synergy
No he isn't. Exalted isn't a creature type.
interesting cards
Ali Mn 1 year ago
Well played bethesda, Well played. Please take our money...... It is getting too much
Dread 1 year ago
Am I reading it right that Vivec can be an 8 cost 10/10 with the effect that you can't lose the game while he is on the board?
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Rellik 1 year ago
and not only he,but any exalt
Dread 1 year ago
Control yellow should love him then.
ShidouZ 1 year ago
i liked ‚ô•
more card pls
Xelief wrote:
He's also an Exalted creature for Vivec synergy
Exalt is an ability rather than a creature type.
For Reference:

RALLY: Whenever a rally creature attacks, give a random creature in your hand +1/+1

BETRAY: After you play this action, you may sacrifice a creature to play it again (only once per action)

PLOT: Triggers if you've played another card that turn

Exalt X: If you pay an additional X magica when casting the card, the card receives the bonus.
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