Dremora and Divath!? (altar BM theory craft)

By: jbelowheaven
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Posted: 2 weeks ago
Updated: 2 weeks ago
Outdated (Madhouse patch)
Crafting Cost: 22900crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
ooooooh yeah, all aboard the v-v-v-v-value traaaaain! choo choo! you thought your silly aggro battlemages were wild and cool? nah, son. sit and spin up on this train! were ridin all the way up to Oda! whoever said an altar deck needed to heal was wrong! choo choo!
suggestions are always welcome
-seemingly strange cards and why i chose them:
-sharpshooter scout: definitely the best one drop in these colors since the deck is not meant to be the aggressor.
-evermore steward: its a 2 drop guard that can slow down the opponents game. the choice was between this and wardcrafter and i chose this solely for guard.
-cast out: prophecy and can slow down your opponent
-skaven pyromancer: decent 3 drop that can hurt the opponent and pop your daggerfall
-child of hircine: big strong monster. can potentially clear a lane.
-merric-at-aswala: i wanted to put in belligerent giant and still might, but i think right now a guaranteed merric is a better one for this deck.
-vigilant giant: big guard that draws you a card that keeps the altar chain going? sure
-supreme atromancer: strong 9 drop that you can altar into
-dremora markynaz: "this card is unnecessary" yeah says you. bet you never considered that this card can potentially be altared into, did ya?
-divath fyr: potentially infinite value! makes your altar effectively do 6 damage somewhere and if he sticks the game is basically won.
-odahviing: if none of there other cards have managed to win you a game yet, this one probably will. and with the rest of these cards, you can potentially altar up into him!

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