Skyrim Cycle Archer (2x top 5 legend)

By: Romanesque
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Posted: 6 days ago
Updated: 20 hours ago
Up to date (Skyrim patch)
Crafting Cost: 11800crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
I played a lot of archer in top 5 legend last year (in august-september), and eventually stopped playing. I recently came back to the came and started playing around with archer and this is a list I reached top 5 legend twice in the past week with.

I think archer is always a tier 1 deck by its ability to adapt to metagames and since the current metagame seems to be a heterogeneous combination of very fast decks and very slow decks, I think this style of archer shines because it has the tools to defend itself against aggro with the pyros, the curse package and the 12 prophecies, and still has tools to beat control with the 7 charges, huntmates and jarls.

You play this deck as a very slow midrange deck against aggro in the firs turns until you get a prophecy or start stabilizing and then you can start a race (do not start a race if you aren't ahead on board, you won't win it), and as a fast deck with ability to find lots of reload and damage from hand versus control (you will almost always break runes after turn 3)

I play this deck quite a lot on my stream
Proof of top 5 (album) :

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This deck got me from rank 7 to better and every play smells like maple syrup.
AC.4ce 2 days ago
put aela instead of a spinner and performed pretty well
Groove 14 hours ago
what would you replace reive with? in case you don't have it /don't want to craft it

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