Blackfall's Support Mage - January 2018

By: Blackfall
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Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 9 months ago
Outdated (1.69 patch)
Crafting Cost: 21050crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
EDIT: Facing a lot of support removal heavy decks? Play a pure Control Mage instead, guide + decklist right here.

EDIT2: CVH did a very nice gameplay video of this list, that you can find right here! Make sure to check the content on his Youtube channel, definitely worth it!

Hey everyone!

As usual, new season, new decklist! Haven't posted a decklist here in quite a while, but I've decided to post what I think is the best Control Mage decklist every month with an in-depth guide.

No surprise here, the best Control Mage archetype right now is the one using the support package. Been trying to make regular Control Mage works, but it just isn't enough to withstand the greed of all the Journey/Scout decks out there.

Without further ado, let's get into it!

Card choices:

No Execute

While I think Execute is in a good place right now, I just can't find room for it. The Elixir of Vitality basically took their place. They kinda have the same role in the early game: sustain you a little bit to allow you to reach your late game where you can hope to stabilize. It doesn't kill the creature, but it obviously combos with Cauldron Keeper and Tower Alchemist. If you're facing a very aggressive metagame, a possible modifications to the list would be -2 Excavate +2 Execute.


Now that's an interesting card. Basically a Soul Tear for supports and items. When it will most of the times bring back a support for you, it's worth noting that it can also bring back a Tome of Alteration from a Daggerfall Mage for the extra reach or card draw. This card is in a versatile spot (as stated above), and can be swapped to help you against whatever metagame you're facing. Support heavy metagame? Swap them for Vicious Dreugh. Aggressive, as said above, swap them for Execute.
I do believe Excavate is a key card in some match-ups (especially against Scout) where you can get extra value from your supports. For example, you could climb your College of Winterhold all the way to the 7 mana spells, grab your Journey to Sovngarde if you see it, then voluntarily destroy it so you can Excavate it and climb all the way again. It's a tricky card to play with!

Reverberating Strike

Not a lot of people run this card right now, and I don't understand why! First of all, no one will EVER play around it, period. It would be at such a tempo cost. This card is also very good against Hist Grove, where it's basically a 3 mana Ice Storm that touches only the Leviathans (which is more than good enough). For example, triple Reverberating Strike clears them all, or double Reverberating Strike + Ice Storm. Again, it's a versatile card, and we like versatile in Control. Finally, card is obviously extremely good against agro, having the possibly to do a X-for-1 with a 3 mana card is nuts. This card took the spot of Crushing Blow, but since we're playing a very grindy list, we don't really need the extra reach to win the game, our supports will do that.

No Mage's Trick

While I love this card, I think we're in a metagame right now where I'd rather drop a Daggerfall Mage or play a Reverberating Strike on turn 3. If the metagame would become slower, you would swap the Reverberating Strike for the Mage's Trick.

Elusive Schemer

As always, this card is bae. Unconditionnal card draw that cycles itself? Please. Probably one of the most important card against other slow decks.


So yeah... Wabbajack. If Bringer of Nightmares didn't get nerfed, I would play them. Wabbajack is THE best card in your deck against any Soul Tear / Scout based decks. Just wabba everything you don't wanna see comeback from the dead. Laaneth should be used only to find this card against those match-ups. Happened to me quite a few times to wabba every Giant Bat, Paarthurnax, Galyn the Shelterer and Eclipse Baroness. It's pretty funny to watch them Soul Tear a bad card. Also in those match-ups, Excavate should only be used to bring back Wabbajack if they ever destroy it.


This is your lock. If you ever stabilizes with a Goldbrand that's at least at 8+ damage, the game is over. Anything they play will die right away. I don't think I'd play Support Mage if Goldbrand didn't exist.

Only 2 Dawn's Wrath

While I always play 3 of them in almost all my control decks, the 3rd Dawn's Wrath spot went to the Wabbajack, for obvious reasons.


Such a powerhouse. Laaneth allows you to go find that specific support you need, or an Excavate if you wanna bring back a support, or a Lightning Bolt if you're close to having lethal, or anything else you want. Tutor effects are extremely powerful and that's why we play this card.

In conclusion, this deck is relatively easy to play, but extremely hard to master. You have to be able to gauge when you can tank damage, when to activate your Elixir of Vitality at the correct time, what to seek with your Laaneth, what to choose on your College of Winterhold, and so on. But the deck is an absolute blast to play. I've refined the list a lot before posting this here and I've been able to reach #1 Legend last season with it.

As always, feel free to ask me any question, I'll be glad to answer them ;)

See you guys on the ladder!

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always excited to see you post a new deck. can't wait to try out your list!
1 Reply
Blackfall 9 months ago
Thanks, I appreciate it ;)
Yog666 9 months ago
a good read :) total agree about reverb btw
Reverberating does have a real downside. I can imagine some games, like one I had today, where I want to throw away cards in order to avoid overdraw.

In that case Crushing Blow can be better (when the opponent doesn't have a target) as it frees a card slot in the hand and pushes for some damage.

I don't know how much of a corner case this type of game is. Destroying a bunch of tokens could be super rewarding.
This is one topic that I mentioned to Merakon.

He said that the Mage Support deck was unfun to play against, but I replied that Mage basically has to play this way because all of the other decks that are successful are doing really unfair things.
1 Reply
Blackfall 9 months ago
I stopped talking/listening to Merakon when he used a known bug to win a game against me. Him being a dev for the game and doing that blew my mind.
Thanks, I'll try this list, wanna see if it's better than Altar mage :)
Nice deck, thanks! I can't decide between this one or Goldbrand Wept: a heart divided :P
1 Reply
Blackfall 9 months ago
They are different lists. I'd say Goldbrand Wept if you're facing a lot of control decks (the list is insanely greedy) and mine if you're facing a less controlly metagame.
brazsilbrazsil wrote:
Nice deck, thanks! I can't decide between this one or Goldbrand Wept: a heart divided :P

Goldbrand Wept!
Custays 9 months ago
brazsilbrazsil wrote:
Nice deck, thanks! I can't decide between this one or Goldbrand Wept: a heart divided :P
This one’s better imo, the other one feels too greedy/highroll and memey.
Barox89 9 months ago
Blackfall how do You think about card Journey to Sovngard in this deck?
1 Reply
Blackfall 9 months ago
In this deck or another one, I think Journey is unplayable. It's only ok if you go seek it on your College if you're playing against a greedy list (so you can outgreed them), but the card is not needed in all the other match ups.
ExWhizzy 9 months ago
Hey nice deck my friend.
I did some very minor tweaks.
-1 Firebolt
-1 Reverberating Strike
-1 Mantikora

+2 Execute
+1 Ancano

Execute are 2 good 2 pass right now. The amount of Daggerfall Mages I see is brutal. And it's like the best answer to that. Dark Guardian is also a prime target for Execute.

Triple Mantikora seemed to be overkill 2 me always. Ancano himself act like a strong removal, costs less mana, can also finish of the game, the breakthrough aspect is really nice with Lightning or Ice Storm. He is more flexible overall.

Funny part is that I kinda always get HIGH value threats when I wocky my own stuff which is hilarious.


God dammit this deck is so much fun. I run into many assassins atm due to the new altar assassin with the new reward card but they simply cant outvalue me. It's insane. I can simply stall 24/7 till deckout since they draw way more than I do but the cant pressure me enough. And since they also run many Daggerfall Mages I can't stress out enough how good executes are.

There is only ONE card I'm really not sure about. :/ Though this card can be freaking strong it's still hit or miss. Wabbajack. U know the whole deck is good at doing things you want except college, orb and ayren with kinda random effects but they at least dont harm u. Wabbajack can be good but it can also be bad as hell if u pop something really big and threatening on ur opponents board. I'd prefer using it on my creatures to get something big but Wabbajacking enemies...I dont know man. :/

And what about a Night's Mother? I know this card is HELLA conditional but well u can lock down ur opponent and since u play the long game anyways this card could suit as another win con. I know that it's bad to draw it late so that's the problem there but have u tested / considered it as well? Not to mention that'll eat up all removals since it's another threat. Though I dont think it's consistent enough it's could be worth at some point.
1 Reply
Blackfall 9 months ago
Don't like Nightmother, just not needed. Regarding Wabbajack, card is only here because of Scout / Soul Tear. But if you roll something high on Wabbjack, kill it with Goldbrand :) Just don't go crazy Wabbajack if you don't have a Goldbrand and you'll be fine.

Glad you're having fun with the deck :)
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