Mana Curve

0 6 3 9 9 8 6 9

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Prophecy 9
Guard 6
Last Gasp 3
Drain 3
Ward 3
Rally 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Slay 0
Regenerate 0
Plot 0
Lethal 0
Breakthrough 0
Betray 0
Charge 0
Exalt 0
Assemble 0
Pilfer 0


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Blackfall's Control Mage - January 2018

By: Blackfall
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Posted: 9 months ago
Updated: 9 months ago
Outdated (1.69 patch)
Crafting Cost: 21450crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Hey everyone!

In parallel of my Support Mage list (that you can find right here), I'm posting this pure Control Mage (understand without Support) along with it. I actually finished the few steps of rank 1 with this list since I faced MANY support removal heavy decks.

This guide will be less in-depth than the support one, because there's nothing exciting or new happening here, just an extremely solid control list if you're facing a lot of support removal but still wanna play Control Mage!

Let's get into it :)

First of all, this list is MUCH better against aggressive (and midrange to an extent) decks because your early game is extremely powerful: Execute, Firebolt, Shrieking Harpy, Daggerfall Mage, Mage's Trick and Reverberating Strike. That's a total of 18 cards (or 36% of your deck) to deal with the early game! 50% of your deck is spells, this is a very reactive list.

Card choices:


Execute is in an excellent place right now because there's a lot of orcs on the Ladder. While it becomes almost useless after turn 4-5, it keeps in check pretty much all of their early game. Also pretty good against Rage Archer, to remove those annoying lethal creatures in the early game (Astrid, Sanctuary Pet, etc.) You should use Execute on them and keep your Firebolt for other things since Execute is obviously less versatile.

Mage's Trick

A good early game card and a very good mid-late game card, you can very often play it on turn 3, kill something and draw a card, which is extremely powerful in terms of tempo. Also acts as a ping effect to remove those annoying wards or give you the extra reach to the face/to kill a creature.

College of Winterhold

So yeah, we're not playing Support Mage, but the raw value that College of Winterhold offers is just too much to pass on. You just won't have to wait for a Tower Alchemist or Cauldron Keeper to use the last activation... or could you? You can bluff :)

Phalanx Exemplar

Such a powerful 5-drop. Beefy as hell, read the card as being a 5 mana 5/6 with Guard. The second part of the card is almost irrelevant and will, in very very few cases, matter.
It's a Hive Defender on ecstasy!

Undying Dragon

Funny enough, orcs (and more generally agro decks) have a very hard time dealing with an Undying Dragon. They will often use 2 cards to kill it (which is good), and lose a ton of tempo (which is also good). This card can also outright win the game on its own.


Nothing more to say about this card that I haven't already said. Tutor effects are strong, use it!


Again, with the resurgence of agro/midrange decks, Odahviing is once again very powerful. Kill almost all creatures in agro decks if you can stabilize enough to get to a place where you can play it.

That's pretty much it! In my opinion, right now, there's so many support removal heavy decks that this list performs slightly better than Support Mage. Be careful though, your matchup against Scout is somewhat worse, and you will obviously lose against a Support Mage playing this list. Use your best judgment to evaluate the metagame you're in :)

As always, feel free to ask me any question, I'll be glad to answer them ;)

See you guys on the ladder!

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dantesakk 9 months ago
Unexpected I have won 7 times in a row playing this deck on rank 5! I was afraid that 9 prophecies are not enough, but it's working pretty well so far. Thanks!
(I'm running Ancano instead one copy of Dawn's Wrath)
1 Reply
Blackfall 9 months ago
Nice, glad it's working out for you :)
TwoEagles 9 months ago
Love it.
It makes me warm on the inside that you mention Orcs <3
Very good looking deck.
1 Reply
I play this deck and immediately face you. Rank 1 versus Legend #6. Totally fair match.
I feel like it's a holiday when you post a deck! :)
Damn dawns wrath x 3 expensive
1 Reply
Blackfall 9 months ago
Also mandatory, sadly.
very nice deck!!
Rellik 9 months ago
I think Immolating Blast instead of OdVing,too many midrange decks,so i really need 4th ice storm,that could kill anything
Can this deck beat support mage and how?
1 Reply
Blackfall 9 months ago
Not really. Only way would be to go face every turn, hope they don't have answers every turn, and that you drew triple Lightning Bolts in your top 12.
Damn! Missing 1 Dawn's Wrath & 2x Undying Dragons
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